How to date a pilot

It's not surprising that people want to date pilots as compassionate, hardworking and decent people. There are few professionals more suited to the job, but the demands of the job and the erratic hours make dating a pilot challenge. That's why we've put together a pilot dating guide to help you give you the advice you need to make the most of dating a pilot. Take a look at:

Offer what other pilots can't: needless to say, aviation is a tough profession that can sometimes seem exhausting, so it helps if you can offer something different and remind them that there is more to life than aviation.

Be a good listener: even if airline workers don't want to take work home every day, there will be times when you need to demonstrate your listening skills, because your day at the office may not be as stressful as theirs!

Be prepared to reassess when it's the weekend: when you're dating a pilot, you'll most likely have to accept that the 9-to-5 rule doesn't apply. This could mean that the romantic dinner you're planning or that big night out could be moved to Tuesday.

Reasons to date a single pilot

They're smart -- you never want another stimulating conversation. You'll also become a pilot's lingo expert before you know it!

They're hardly disgusting -- the less you say, the better!

They are problem solvers -- their job is to get to the bottom of things and solve problems, and these disciplines are beyond the scope of aviation personnel knowledge.

They have professional aviation training -- when you are together, you will always meet someone who has a cool head in an emergency. But don't expect them to get 24-hour care after work!

They're busy -- working long hours can be tough, but it gives you plenty of time. This can allow you to follow your passion on your own time or pursue your own demanding career.

They know how to listen -- any pilot's job involves paying attention and putting himself in a position, not to mention those who go into aviation are naturally more compassionate.

Pilot dating site

From long shifts to irregular working hours, you often feel that as a single pilot, you don't have time to meet new people. But don't be afraid. We're here to help. We know that dating and aviation can be difficult, and that's one of the main reasons we've created professional dating in the first place -- making sure that people's busy work schedules have a place to meet, and those who want to find people like you, know where to look.

Often, when you're working at an unsocial time, the best dating strategy is to keep it simple. If you have a long shift tomorrow, or you're on the call, you don't want to make complicated plans because canceling will make you feel bad. So take our pilot's dating advice and make it fun and low-key with these tips:

Enjoy the sunrise: take an early morning walk and watch the sunrise. It's even more romantic than sunset because it's still early and you're probably alone!

Picnic: a weekend off is a big advantage when you're on a date, as small towns are usually much quieter. Take advantage of this opportunity to take a basket to the park for a fun date.

Shopping: Take a relaxing trip to the shops during the week and miss the crowds at the weekend. A shopping date can be fun and a great way to relax and get to know each other better.

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